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     486SX 25MHz with monochrome display
     20MB memory
     170MB hard drive
      PCMCIA 3.5" floppy disk drive
     Microsoft Windows 95 OSR2


I just upgraded to Windows 95 OSR2! It works great and much better than Windows 3.11.

I upgraded to 20 Mb memory last year after surviving with the original 4 Mb. I seriously recommend upgrading your memory as soon as possible, especially if you're trying to run Windows 95. I bought the 16 Mb memory module made by Kingston, from a small Kingston distributer called Epoch Sales. They have excellent prices. It works great and it boosted my system performance.

I still have the original 170MB hard drive, and decided against upgrading it when I found out how much it was going to cost. Instead, I bought a SyQuest SparQ 1.0GB drive. It works just like an external hard drive. And it is a great alternitive if you don't mind carrying around an external drive or don't take your Aero with you very often.

Pictures of My Aero
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Things Attached to My Aero (with the base unit)

  • 14" color monitor
  • external keyboard
  • external mouse
  • Canon BJC-210 Bubble Jet color printer
  • 3Com PCMCIA Network Interface Card
  • SyQuest SparQ 1.0GB parallel port drive
  • Texas Instruments TI-85 serial port link



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