Welcome to Contura Aero Land! Below you'll find links to information and technical support for the Compaq Contura Aero. You'll also find information on my computer to give you an idea of what can be done with the Aero. Please let me know if you have any suggestions that could make this site better.

Compaq Official Information
It can be difficult to find the Contura Aero information starting from the Compaq home page, so here is what you should take a look at:

Compaq Press Releases
Feb. 7, 1994 "Compaq Introduces World's First 'No Compromise' Affordable Subnotebook PC"
June 1, 1994 "Compaq Lowers Prices On Portables, Desktops And Servers"
Aug. 15, 1994 "Compaq Offers Comprehensive Price Reductions On Most Prolinea, Deskpro And Contura Models"
Oct. 14, 1994 "Compaq Contura Aero and Presario Products Win Design & Engineering Awards"
Dec. 22, 1994 "Compaq to Exhibit Presario and Contura Aero Products at CES "


Information & Tech Support


Microsoft Official Information
Technical support documents from Microsoft Support Online
that mention the Aero.
  • Compaq Computers That May Require Updates for Windows 95 - This article contains information provided by Compaq Computer Corporation regarding Compaq computers that may require additional Compaq drivers or supplements for Windows 95. These additional drivers can be obtained from Compaq's Softpaq library.
  • APM Does Not Shut Down During Inactivity - When you are using your Compaq Contura Aero's Advanced Power Management (APM) features, the computer's hard disk may stop spinning to save power during periods of inactivity and then start spinning again two seconds later.
  • Microsoft Office Setup Error - When you run the Microsoft Office Setup program from Distribution Media Format (DMF) floppy disks in protected mode on certain laptop computers, the computer may fail to read the disk in the floppy disk drive, or fail to read the cabinet file on the disk.


Other Great Aero Sites


Buy Aero Laptops and Accessories
  • eBay Computers - online auction site with Aero laptops and accessories, like batteries, up for sale. Just make a bid and you can usually walk away with something good for cheap.
  • Yahoo! Auctions - Yahoo!'s online auction site with several Aero listings.

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